One Last Action From A Dying Mother To Her Son, So Touching! Watch This!!

Ben accompanied his wife,Athena Serbus-Krueger to the hospital because she had chest pains. But to make it funny, the trip turned out to be a motivating one for both of them. The fact being that she was pregnant!

She had the reason to go for medical checkup and the doctors assured her that it was her pregnancy causing her all the complications she was experiencing.

With time she developed a lump in her breast. The doctors once again made it clear to her that it was due to the so called pregnancy, that the milk duct had got swollen.

Being a doubting Thomas, Athena went forward to ask for a further checkup since the condition seemed abnormal to her. And there it was, the shocking news! She surely was in her second stage of invasive ductile carcinoma, a sporadic pregnancy caused by breast cancer.

Like everyone else, upon receiving the shocking information, she had nothing to do but to submit all to the Almighty and kept a strong faith that all was going to be well.

The antagonistic cancer kept disturbing her and she went for a chemotherapy at her 15th week of pregnancy.The doctors saw it wise to deliver the baby prematurely via C-section while the pregnancy was in the 32 weeks stage. That was done so as she could have a chance of continuing with the treatment.

She went through all the treatment that was required, all this because for the simple fact of wanting to be there for her baby girl.

Regrettably, the cancer had crept to her lungs, lymph nodes, and brain. Weeks before her daughter Amari could be one year old, she knew her time was coming to an end very quickly.She surely knew that she had little time left for her to live. This is why this brave mother made her mind to do something exceptional for her daughter Amari.

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