One Last Ride For This 101-Year-Old Biker. This Is Too Nice!

At 101, Ray Weser knows that he hasn’t much time left to ride motorbikes, so all he wants now is one last ride and he’ll be good. Well, seems like people are really well into his plans!

Ray has had a soft spot for biking since his childhood. He has worked for the military too, even going off to war and back. For a good 24 years, this guy has worked for the company, and he just loves the Harley-Davidsons that he just can’t get his hands off. In this clip, Ray is getting a chance to make one last ride through the Prescott Valley.

Ray is old and will be turning 102 in December, and that makes him a little weak for the ride, but his people have come up with a way to help him achieve his last wish. He’s actually doing it!

You just can’t wait to see this vet make his last ride. It’s all in this cool clip. Just click on it and watch as this man enjoys his ride with about 50 bikers backing him up. This is awesome!

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