One Uncle Shows Us How To Make Reading Time Fun… Watch And Learn!

There is nothing that can compare to a storytelling session with a little one. Whether it is midday or late at night, a good story will lull the baby to sleep. Babies never get enough of the stories.

However, some kids will want you to read a single story several times. Others will want you to read book after book. However, there are parents or guardians that face a new set of challenges. There are children who do not fancy reading. The solution is to create a bookshelf that will inspire some love for reading.

Meet baby Margot. Margot looks forward to storytelling sessions. Maybe she loves her uncle’s storytelling techniques.

Margot’s uncle is reading, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and What Do You See?  It is a famous children’s book.

Margot’s uncle creates funny voices when he reads the classic book to his niece. Margot laughs the entire time. It is clear that she is enjoying the book. The bond between the two is undeniable.

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