Only A Very Slim Fraction Of Adults Can Do What This 4-Year-Old Can. 7 Tongues!

According to statistics, it’s a fact that only about 13% of the world population can speak 3 languages, while another 43% can do only two. Now, imagine a scenario where someone is able to speak in more than 3 languages!

For a start, let’s agree that speaking in 4 languages will put you among the less than 13% of the people. And what if you can do more than 4 languages? What if you can do 7? And what if you aren’t even an adult but just a 4-year-old Russian girl? This is astounding!

Well, Bella Devyatkina is the type of a little Russian princess who can master 7 languages and speak in them most fluently. In the video, you get to meet Bella during a session on “Amazing People” aired on a Russian TV. Turns out, this kid can speak Chinese, French, Arabic, German, English, Russian, and even Spanish. I just couldn’t believe it until she started answering questions in all those languages. And the intelligence is strong with this one!

According to her mom, Bella showed a special interest in linguistics, so they got a few different nannies for her so she could learn the different languages, and so far she has learnt these 7 languages very well. She’s very fluent!

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