Over 6 Million People Are Still In Love With What This Dad Did. Watch That Talent!

Kris Jones is a nice dad in all levels, and now this video is proving that in a better way. To usher in the New Year 2017, Kris did something that over 6 million people have grown to really love. His daughter is the YouTube user going by the name, Daylafulla, and she started it all!

While they sat in their car in Fort Worth, Texas, the daughter asked Kris to sing his favorite song, “Tennessee Whisky” by George Jones. Turns out, this dad actually has a voice for it, and you’re about to fall in love with it!

The song was recently brought back into the big waves by Chris Stapleton, a very talented country music crooner. But that’s really not about it. It’s about the kind of justice this talented dad did the song. Commenters now want Kris to be invited to do his thing on the Ellen Show. Wow!

I hope you also have that moment you wished to capture about your dad or mom and share with everyone. I the meantime, don’t miss to enjoy watching the clip below.

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