Parents Be Watchful Of This When Allowing Your Kids Use Public Washrooms – Don’t Skip!

During the Eve of the past New Year, Nicole visited a local McDonald within the UK accompanied by her daughter Kaya who is 4 years of age. She never imagined that disaster was about to strike when they made the visit.

Kaya had requested her mother to use the washroom alone, and since she thought she was a big girl, she allowed her to do it. Before Kaya used it, two teenage girls had left the bathroom while snickering and laughing. She never suspected anything, but after a few minutes, she saw Kaya running into the restaurant while in pain and crying. A cruel prank had been carried out.

The teens had poured some superglue on the toilet seat. Kaya’s skin had ripped off after getting stuck on the seat. Nicole thought it good to share the story on Facebook and it has since then gone viral. She condemned the two girls who had done the naughty act while thinking it was a funny thing to do.

As we speak, the two teenagers whose age is approximated to be between 16-18 years are being searched for by the police. With this experience, parents are always warned to be extra careful when allowing their children to use public toilets and bathrooms.

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