Passengers Have The Funniest Moment Ever With A Flight Attendant. HILARIOUS!

If you’ve ever boarded a plane for a long journey, then you know what it’s like to get tired on a flight. However, you might be lucky to hop onto a plane with flight attendants that bring you some light moments to ease the tension. Well, these people had their best time!

So these passengers saw it cool to hop onto a plane owned by the Southwest Airlines. They didn’t realize they had just made the best decision. Once on flight and as the plane gets ready to take off, the flight attendant grabs the microphone to explain to everyone a few things about safety procedures. But this one flight attendant isn’t your average mean-looking person with a boring voice who can’t keep up a conversation. Rather, this one here is a total rib-cracker!

Wait until she starts it. She explains the procedures in such a hilarious manner that every passenger is left clinging onto their seats with their last breathes. She’s so funny!

You just can’t skip this. Watch the full video and you’ll fall to the ground. When you get up, kindly SHARE and let your friends find some fun too!

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