Patrick Swayze And His Wife Took The Stage 21 Years Ago… Watch Who Applauds Them!

This was the World Music Awards of 1994 which was being brought live on international TV. On this day, Patrick Swayze took the stage accompanied by his wife Lisa Nieme and the couple danced to Whitney Houston’s “All The Man That I Need.”

The release of Dirty Dancing had only been in place for a few years at that time. Since this meant a lot to Patrick, he did his best to look hotter than ever. Though he died in 2009, his powerful performance within this clip has never faded.

The incredible bond that Lisa and Patrick cannot be questioned when you watch them exhibit sultry and effortless movements on the stage. They never hid their love for one another and they enjoyed it to the fullest for the 34 years the two lived together. Patrick’s mother was offering Lisa dancing lessons when he first met her. That was in 1970 and Patrick was 18 years old.

Their class was enough to be appreciated even by the legends within the music industry- Whitney Houston is seen applauding them as they perform. If you missed that, you can always replay this video.

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