People Haven’t Yet Agreed On The Best Part Of This Video. Just Watch!

You’re a professor at a cool University, and then a great and very popular media house arranges to interview you about some very sensitive matters about the world of politics. In the middle of it, something happens and the clip goes viral!

It’s about what happened to Professor Robert Kelly. Robert works at the Pusan National University. Due to his expertise in international politics, the BBC contacted him and arranged for a live interview. It all went well, until it didn’t!

While doing the interview about South Korean politics, one of Robert’s kids enters the room and heads straight to the dad. He tries keeping her away from the camera, but that works for a few seconds before the next kid blasts into the scene. Both the professor and the BBC interviewer are doing their best to keep the thing on track, but things get even rustier when mom rushes in to get the kids out. Is that mom actually crawling to close that door?!

The live interview had to end, but that didn’t stop the BBC from posting the clip that has since gone viral. You must want to see it too.

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