Photographer Proves Something Stunning About Strangers!

Richard is a photographer who is based in New York. He believes that strangers are nothing more than friends who have never met before. He does not make an empty claim, but goes has something to prove it. He dedicates his professional time finding complete and total strangers, taking their photos and showing them to other strangers. When other strangers look at the photos, they cannot tell that the people in the photos are in fact complete strangers.

He believes that even though we all believe that we do not know each other, and we cannot be friends either. What we do not know is that, it’s just the fear that holds us back. We all have love within our hearts. What we need is a little courage to make the world less hostile. After all, that is one of the ways we can differentiate ourselves from animals that lack understanding and intelligence.

How often have you met a stranger and started a conversation that turned out to be just awesome? Do you enjoy striking conversations with strangers or do you just feel that people should mind their own business? Let us encourage peaceful coexistence with friends and strangers.

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