Planning To Go Hiking? Then Watch This Video Before You Can Do That!

The body system has been said to be the best tactic to use if you are planning to do activities like hiking in very remote areas. It is because if you fall or find yourself in a difficult situation, you will have someone by your side to help you to get the necessary support to get out of the situation. Even if situations like this one are few, you should not take chances.

Amber Kornhurst, a 25-year-old registered nurse, has learned this the hard way after going hiking one day at Arizona desert all alone. She fell almost 100 feet into a ravine and suffered from multiple spinal fractures, a severe bruising, a broken nose, swelling across her entire body, and cuts.

For her, it was evident she would not survive in that ravine, and so she decided to write goodbye notes to her friends and family on her phone which did not have any signal. Kornhurst lay alone in that ravine with her phone on airplane mode so that it could help her keep track of time until a group of searchers found her and took her to a hospital.

Kornhurst, who is now recovering at a hospital where she is employed, Mayo Clinic Hospital, is glad to be alive and confident about her getting well even if she knows the road to recovery is a long way ahead. A GoFundMe page has been set up in her name to support her pay for her medication.

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