Poachers Attacked This Rhino But She Managed To Survive. What A Tear-Jerking And Inspiring Story!

Do you think poaching is a problem of the past that is only for the hulking and brutish barbarians? You will be surprised to know that some individuals are still poaching. Poachers always gun down innocent animals with an aim of getting tusks, horns among other things to go and sell. What hurts me most is the fact that these poachers don’t care about these animals. They are so selfish since they just want to satisfy their personal interests.

In this video, you will see the story of Thandi an African Rhino who was found suffering in the forest after she had been attacked by poachers. She was severely wounded, and her journey to recovery is one that needs to be shared with the world. Thandi’s story is tear-jerking as well as inspiring.

I always don’t find a reason an individual should inflict pain on another creature and leave it to continue suffering. I am one of the guys who think that this practice should be stopped at all costs. The most touching part of this story is when Thandi gets a new baby. Her baby acts as a symbol of new life for the endangered wild animals.

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