Police Officer Hands A Good Behavior Ticket To A Kid, The Reaction…I’m Breathless!

We are fond of thinking that when an officer stops us, it’s because we have either over-sped or committed some indiscipline on the road.

But this is not the case when you are stopped by Paul Lagoa, a traffic police in Boston. This officer has been issuing the “The Positive Ticket,” to children who he thinks are disciplined.

In the clip below, we witness as Lagoa stops over a jeep that has a mother and a son aged 6 years. He then went ahead to hand the kid a ticket which he could visit the local store and get a free ice cream.

He told the mother of the son that he had spotted her son standing beside her and later walked to the vehicle holding her hand.

Just wait for the: 55 mark when the boy gets to know what the officer has handed him!
Apart from that, Lagoa goes ahead to have a chat with two other boys who seemed to like the coupons.

The officer said that it does not cost anything to make the kids happy.

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