Police Officer Turns Out To Be A Hero After Doing What Left Many Cheering!

While going to work on one morning, this police officer from Elk Grove by the name Dan Templeton, encountered the unexpected. A couple that was driving alongside his patrol car, looked worried of something. By just looking at them, he realized that something must be wrong with them.

He proceeded to order them to park their car at the nearest tire center, where he got off his vehicle and went to open the couple’s car. All he was doing was caught by the camera on his car’s dashboard. Upon opening, he saw a woman in the car was in the process of giving birth. He pretty knew well that he had to act quickly as the baby had all his head blue in color and seemed not to be breathing. He quickly reached for a blanket that he spread on the concrete then helped the woman give birth.

In the video below, we can see Templeton at the hospital together with the couple and Jesiah, the new born baby who he helped come into the world.
But surprisingly enough, it was not at the police training where he acquired the birth helping skills, but he knew them by looking at his two sons being born. He said that the first thing he wanted to do is inform his wife who works at the hospital, of the birth he assisted in.

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