Police With A Search Warrant Makes A Horrifying Discovery. I Can’t Believe THIS!

It started out as a search for narcotics by the Detroit Police Department in an abandoned home. However, the cops were in for a surprise. With a search warrant in hand, they were ready to bust the drug peddlers and users.

The narcotics investigators found a much more horrifying situation. Inside the house were seven children. The house had no functioning light, heat, window, and no working toilet. It painted a picture of children living in squalor and filth. The youngest kid was about nine months, and the oldest was nine years.

No bed, feces on the floor, two guns, and a deceased and rotten dog shared the space with the seven children. According to Lt. Parnell, it was the worst case of child neglect he had ever seen in his 28 years of service.

The Fox 2 crew went to inspect the house and found a woman. The woman, however, refused to answer their questions.

When the crew spoke to the neighbors, the neighbors were shocked as they never thought anyone lived in the house. One woman said that she saw a shirtless boy peeping from the window once.

The father was taken into custody, the mother is missing, and the children were taken to the hospital and placed under Child Protective Services.

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