Priest Surprises The Bride And Groom’s Parents, See What He Told Them…

Drew and Gina held a beautiful vintage wedding in November 2010 in Scottsdale. It was a great honor for their parents to witness them ties the knot.

Father Jim Husek, who was officiating the wedding, spoke about marriage and lasting love.

Finding lasting love is not easy. Gina’s parents had been married for 38 years, and Drew’s parents were together for 34 years. Father Jim appreciated the foundation created by both parents and hoped the children would follow suit.

Before Drew and Gina could say their vows, Father Jim did something surprising. He asked the couple to stand aside, and he addressed the parents.

The couple’s parents had no idea what was in store for them. Additionally, Father Jim confessed that he had never seen anything like that in all the weddings he had officiated.

The highlight of the wedding was the surprise and the parent’s reaction following the unexpected request from Father Jim.

Want to know what Father Jim did? Please play the video below.

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