Rescued Humpback Whale Shows Appreciation To Rescuers –This Is So Beautiful!

On the Valentine’s Day of 2011, Michael, his family, and friends were cruising the Sea of Cortez. The group spotted a humpback whale that was floating in the ocean. The whale appeared dead.

After some time, the whale raised his head and forcefully exhaled. Michael realized the humpback’s pectoral fins were entangled in a fisherman’s net and it had difficulty breathing.

The group carefully positioned their boat, and they were able to free one pair of the fins. Despite knowing the danger they faced and having a small knife, the group was able to free the whale partly.

As a token of appreciation, the whale took the group for a ride for several miles.

Michael’s team was able to free the humpback entirely.  The group managed to free the other set of pectoral fins.

After tasting the spark of freedom, the rescued whale swam away. The whale lifted his head, breathed easily and appeared to do a happy dance. The group followed the whale for about four miles before bidding him goodbye.

The rescuers named the whale Valentina. The group hopes their selfless act will inspire others.

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