Rescuers Save A Lion Chained In A Circus Truck For 20 Years, And Release Him To His Natural Habitat

In the following clip, you will witness one of the lovely moments of a mountain lion that had been in captivity in a circus for 20 years, being able to go back to his natural habitat.

The name of the mountain lion is Mufasa, and had spent the better part of his life inside a cage travelling to places. Luckily, a wildlife organization came to his rescue and freed him to go back to Peruvian forest where he belonged.

The circus where he was being imprisoned was illegal as per the rules of Peru. When you look at the clip, you will notice the relief that Mufasa felt when the chains that held him were cut. He literally stood up and stretched his whole body.

Jan Creamer, the president of Animal Defenders International said that it was a lovely sight to see Mufasa move freely in the protected forest that he was released to.

Creamer was the one who led the rescue of the mountain lion that lasted 8 hours. After the rescue, wildlife transported Mufasa for three days to the end of the Amazon where they expected him to spend the rest of his life there.

Creamer said that it was a happy ending to this lion that had endured very hard times living on a truck for more than 20 years. He asked for some donations to ensure that Mufasa led a normal life that will make him recover all that precious time he lost.

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