Retiring Lady Teams Up With Her Students To Pull Some Moves. It’s Going Viral!

Admit. You’ve probably passed by an old lady on the street and walked away thinking they can never pull a good dancer move. Turns out, you’re not always right. In fact, you’re not right even about this 60-year-old lady who’s retiring and making viral videos!

Shirley Clements has taught at a Canadian school for the last 25 years, and now she’s retiring at 60. Now, Shirley happens to be one of the few old people still in love with some cool dance moves. She loves to dance, and she plans to lay down her tools of trade dancing!

And so she got a few of her students and created a dance team. They danced to Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” and uploaded the video on Ellen’s website. The video was so cool that Ellen had to invite them to dance again live on the show. Well, they did, and here’s their mind-blowing video that’s gone viral!

You need to see this. Those hip hop moves are just too cool for an old lady. Look at her! Don’t forget to SHARE this on Facebook and also drop us a comment!

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