Rock Singer Sings A Classic Folk Song And Paralyzes The Audience. It’s Electrifying!

Back in March 2016, Disturbed, a rock band paid Conan a visit. They had released their latest album and were going to perform one of the tracks in the process. They also performed “The Sound of Silence,” a classic song which was performed by Simon and Garfunkel back in 1965.

It was not an ordinary choice for a rock back, that must have been one of the reasons as to why their performance went viral.

Some dark moodiness is associated with the original version, but Draiman used live orchestra skills together with his strong vocals to take it to a new level. You now understand why the clip below has been viewed by over 21 million viewers on YouTube.

As reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, the cover was enjoyed by Paul Simon who went ahead and left some words of praise to Draiman.

The words of praise can be seen on the Facebook page of the band since Draiman thought it was necessary to post them there.

This is one of those performances that bring out the real meaning of music and how it should be performed. Please watch the band’s performance in the video below and let us know what you think about it.

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