Santa Weeps For The Lonely Soldier, And It’s Going To Make You Feel It Too. Watch!

As everyone knows, we all love Santa, and most especially when he turns up to sing a song right before Christmas. But what if Santa gets even more generous with his lyrics? It is what happens to the poem, “Twas The Night Before Christmas,” that makes things take another twist. It’s emotional!

In the video, Santa is singing. He’s surrounded by soldiers. He starts out describing a night spent by a lonely man in a miserable place. He goes on to describe the mood of the moment and the kind of hard life this particular man has to put up with, and then he calls him a soldier!

Now Santa will describe the kind of selfless life a soldier has to live, but then the soldier turns to assure Santa that he’s okay with all this because he signed up for it. He wants to do it for the good of his country; for freedom.  He even reminds Santa not to be late for the kids.

You just need to watch it and feel the deep emotion. What do you think about all this?

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