Sarah Mclachlan Invited Josh Groban For A Duo At A Live Concert! The Rest Was History!

I have to confess something when it comes to music, live music makes me excited!
What makes live music a bomb shell every time it is played is the crowd, the energy, the acoustics, and particularly the randomness. In live concerts, you will never be able to predict who is going to show up on the stage and perform. When you’re certain that it is a particular artist coming onstage, you get surprised when another one pops out and does a memorable show!

Back in 2005, when the 2005 Live 8 benefits concert was held, various musicians went on stage and performed with their buddies who they considered to be special. Among the musicians who performed, were Will Smith and Paul McCartney. But during the concert, two of the most famous voices joined together.

Even though Sarah McLachlan is the author and singer of the lovely song “Angel,” and probably has sang it a thousand times, she will always remember the performance she did below. As she was singing the song, guess who appeared to sing along with her? Josh Groban! The duo did a wonderful performance.

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