Save Yourself From Shame The Next Time It Snows By Watching This!

Dad was waiting for his kids from a kid’s school at a parking lot when he noticed something funny. Hidden patches of snow were covering a walkway that led to the parking and it all started with a kid who crashed and then hurried off while full of embarrassment hoping that he had not been noticed.

So when a similar incident kept on happing, he decided to film with his video camera. You can watch the video below and see how the junior-high students had to cope up with the ice the hard way. Some girls noticed that the scenario was funny and decided to hang around and practice their balancing and skateboarding skills. They innocently waited as other unaware kids came crashing while on a hurry.

While watching, you might think that it is a bad idea to hurry over the patch but there are other who discover that the best way of beating the patch is by jogging. When dad saw them jog, he predicted that they would fall, but that never happened.

Does this video remind you of any encounter with ice? Mine was similar to what some of the kids have experienced while crossing the patch. Though it was embarrassing, at least I created a moment of joy to those who were watching.

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