School Refuses To Serve A Student Lunch, Watch What Her Mom Does

Have you ever been embarrassed for failing to pay a debt, well you need to watch the video below to hear firsthand what it feels like. In the video below, we see it happen to a student who was denied lunch because her mom owed the school less than $5 in lunch money. What is even more embarrassing is what the lunch lady did. She took the tray away from Dominic and threw it on the floor. She not only denied Dominic lunch, but she also wasted perfectly good food. It all happened in the lunch hall. So you can imagine the whole student fraternity saw it. To cap it all, Dominic had to spend the afternoon on a hungry stomach.

When his mom heard about it, she was distraught; she came to school and cleared her son’s debt and for every other student who had not cleared their debt. The total amount totaled to about $200. Yet the school did not see it that way. That is why many lunch ladies have been fired from schools for not feeding hungry students who have not cleared their lunch food debt.

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