School Teen Escapes Death Narrowly When A Car Hits A Post Near Him!

Have you ever heard people saying that they have escaped death narrowly? In the clip below, you will see how this boy from Ukraine nearly met death, but managed to survive.

The footage was recorded by a security camera that had been placed nearby where this school boy was leaning on the fence, just like all the others boys do. Then it seemed like he got bored of being at the same place, and started strolling down the road heading to another place, not knowing that it was that walk that saved his precious life.

You can call it magic, luck or coincidence, but it still remains that the walk made the boy live to see another day in his life elapse. Just after he moved from the place he was leaning, a BMW came over speeding and hit the fence; at the very same spot where he was a second earlier.

What helped the boy from being hit was a telephone pole that was near him, of which the car hit it.

Watch the footage below to see how lucky the boy was. Let us know if you have ever been in a similar situation by commenting below. Please SHARE this striking video with your friends on Facebook!


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