Security Guard Approaches Homeless Man and Son. No One Expected THIS… OMG!

37-year-old LaMont Hammond lost his home. However, his concern was for his 8-year-old son. LaMont loved his son and did not have enough money to rent a hotel room. He did not want his son to brave the cold nights on the streets.

Without a plan in mind, the duo made their way to a nearby Waffle House.

When the security guard, Amen Webster, saw the defeated look on LaMont’s face, he took pity on him. Also, the little boy was shivering too.

Amen was homeless before, and he understood LaMont’s predicament. Amen approached father and son at their table and enquired what was wrong.

It took a single question from Amen to make LaMont almost cry. However, he wanted to stay strong for his son.

The man’s plight touched Amos and decided to help. He asked for a little break and did something that will melt your heart. Let me not ruin the surprise.

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