See What Steve Harvey Did To His “Twin” Brother On His Show. Awesome!

I really don’t know if you’ve encountered this, but I’ve ran into a few people that looked almost exactly like me. Talk about my twins from other families!

Before you fret, it’s safe to say that this kind of thing can happen to anyone, even the popular Steve Harvey of the Steve Harvey Show! Back in 2013, during a recording of one of his “Ask Steve” segments, Steve encountered his twin brother!

Well, not exactly his biological twin, but this guy, Mathew, looks like Steve’s own copy. He even wears his suits and shaved head just like Steve. In fact, Mathew admits that some people actually mistake him for the real Steve Harvey. Now that’s interesting!

Watch as the two look-alikes have a chat on the show – Steve had to get the guy for a little talk on the stage. It’s that serious. Looking at them, you might even get confused. They look so similar!

Check out the full video here and see what happened on that treasured show. You’ll love this so much that you’ll want to SHARE the clip on Facebook and let all your buddies check it out too. Just do it already!


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