See What The Camera Recorded Him Doing With His Pit Bull. WOW!!

Back in 2007, Michael Vick, NFL quarterback was charged with state felony and federal charges since he operated a dogfighting ring. The interstate dogfighting ring was being used by criminals who could earn gambling and drugs.

Vick has 51 fighting dogs and Hector, the pit bull you’re meeting was one of them. It was when a raid was carried out on the property of Vick that they rescued him and Clara and Roo adopted him afterwards. The couple comes from Minnesota. You’re about to watch an adorable moment when Roo is singing to Hector a lullaby while holding him in his arms. I liked the way Hector looks at dad adorably with his puppy eyes. Dogs deserve love and care in their lives, and Hector was lucky to experience that after being rescued. This video shows a good example of the kind of treatment dogs deserve.

In most cases, a dog which has gone through a lot mistreatment might not love being in the company of human beings. But, for Hector, it was completely different. He was a dog on a mission and he definitely accomplished that.

This dog passed away in October 2014 after being diagnosed with cancer. Though he is no more, the legacy he left behind will be remembered by many.

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