Seeing Dad Was The Last Thing He Expected, No Wonder He Had To Do This… WOW!

There is nothing better like reuniting with a person you have been dearly missing. It matters a lot, even when you get to see that person even for a few hours. That is what Aronka Robertson’s so felt when he was his dad.

His father, who is a soldier had been away on deployment for a long time. So when one day he entered the kitchen and Mom told him they had to go and get dad, it meant a lot to him. He never expected to reunite with him that soon.

He discovers it’s not a joke when he sees the house is decorated and even mom tells him to change if he needs to go with her. At that point, her excitement had already tripled. That is when he hurries to his room to change his clothes.

Before he could even make it to the stairs, his dad was there waiting to embrace him. He just couldn’t resist his tears when he confirms that the person he is hugging is his dad. Just by watching the video, you can see the extent to which the two had missed each other. I can’t hold back my tears whenever I watch such moment!

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