This “All What We Share” Emotional Ad Will Make You Cry Your Eyes Out – WOW!

Besides marketing products and services, advertisements are known to evoke some emotions. Some of them make us laugh, and others make us sad and cry.

TV2, A Danish network, released an ad called All That We Want. The 3-minute ad has received over 700,000 YouTube views.

What do you think makes you different from the rest? Is it because you are rich? Is it because you live in the suburbs and have never seen a cow?

The ad features different people standing in “boxes.” The boxes separate the people based on factors such as social and economic status.

Someone asks personal questions that cut across the group. For instance, when the host asks stepparents to step forward, a section of men and women from all the “boxes” do so. When those in love are called, a similar thing happens. Even the bullies step up too.

What is the video message? Despite our differences, we share a common ground. The common ground is  revealed during fear and division. The common ground brings us together.

Watch the heartwarming video and get some tissue ready.

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