She Begins Singing Onstage Nervously, But At The End… What A Wonderful Audition!

Neneth Lyons is a mother aged 37 years who is naturally talented in singing. Recently, she tried her luck in singing, as she aimed to qualify for the Boot Camp stage of the X Factor competition. When she became a mother, she quit singing in public. While on stage that day, she was nervous, a condition which made the judges think that her nervousness would overcome her.

She sang “Somewhere,” a hit by Barbara Streisand. Though considered to be a tough song for any singer, Lyons wanted to sing it because it was a way of making her dad proud since he loved hearing her sing. At the beginning of the song, she had her head down timidly, but by the end of it, she had all the judges standing and the crowd cheering. She managed to proof to all that she was an excellent singer despite the shortcomings at the start.

One of the judges called Cheryl said that she cast her spell on the audience, while Rita commented that it was true not to judge a book by its cover, and if her small daughter could be speaking, she would have said that “that is my mother.” Simon said that he thought that Lyon had selected a hard and old fashioned song for a young woman like her, but she left him breathless.

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