She Called To Thank A Guy Who Had Paid $200 For Her Shopping, But The Call Turned Out To Be Shocking!

On the 10th of November, a woman by the name of Lynn Knighten never knew what to do when she found that she had forgotten her credit card at home and the debit card was not being accepted. She needed to buy some groceries for the Thanksgiving Day. Then out of the blues, Matthew Jackson, aged 28 years became her savior.

Seeing that the 5 months old baby that she had was crying, Jackson offered to pay her bills that had mounted to $200. Knighten confessed that the action Jackson showed her was equivalent to a big bear hug.

Two or three days passed and Knighten phoned LA Fitness, where Jackson worked to thank him for what he had done to her. What she received upon calling was very shocking. The manager of the gym told her that Jackson had been involved in a car accident and had passed away. This meant that he paid the bill for her and was dead before a day passed.

This sad news made Knighten lose sleep that night. Awake, she opened her Facebook and left a message saying that she was looking forward to meeting him face to face to thanks and hug him but it will never be possible.

His mother, Lee Ann Krymow said that his son was kindhearted since he helped people yet he never used to earn a lot of money.

With no other option of ever meeting him and thanking him, Knighten decided to open a Twitter account and Facebook page by the name of “Matthews Legacy,” so that people can know of his kindheartedness and follow his steps.

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