She Collects An Old Wedding Dresses And Then Transforms It Into Something Special. What A Talent!

Each and every one of us has that something that he loves to do. From the time Allison was a kid, she loved sewing. This love for sewing continued even when she was an adult. A person requested Allison for a pattern of an “angel gown”; which is a dress that dead babies are dressed in before being buried. To make them, she generally looks for old wedding dresses and cuts them into pieces then sews the “angel gowns.” Families who are mourning the death of their newborn/stillborn babies come for them.

One surprising thing is that even though Allison has a full time work and some classes to attend to, she loves sewing and does it in her living room. Don, who is the husband to Allison always gives her a helping hand in looking for the old wedding dresses for her to make the angel gowns. She remains in her living room until the wee hours of the night sewing the dresses. The stunning thing is that those who she donates the angel gowns to are anonymous except for one family who lost their baby of five months. Desiree and her husband told KCRA that Allison was a guardian angel and continued to say that they are sure that their baby girl who died finally was buried wearing an angel gown, a thing that comforts them.

We hope that Allison continues to help mourning families by sewing them angel gowns. What a selfless person to learn from! Watch the clip below and please SHARE the story with all your friends on Facebook!

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