She Decided To Chop Her Locks At 50. Her New Look Is Too Stunning!

Dianne is turning 50, and now she has decided to celebrate her new age by doing something she hasn’t done for decades: Chopping her hair. This story is too sweet!

Dianne happens to have a really good friend, Beth, who has been pushing her to cut her hair and get a fresh makeover for the last 20 years. Due to the long hair, Dianne has earned herself some nicknames to describe it.  Now that Dianne is ready for the “deed,” who else can be trusted to do it right if not the best stylish in town? Kyan Douglas is in on it!

This happened right before the cameras on Rachel Ray Show. Her friend was among the audience watching the whole transformation happen. After the makeover, you won’t even recognize her. She’s a whole, new, very beautiful human. You can’t help drooling at her!

After this, Dianne won’t be struggling with her long hair anymore. Getting caught up in car door, zippers and all that – it’s now over. She’s 50 and newly beautiful!

Watch the full clip and witness the transformation. This is going to sweep you off the feet, so get ready to drop a comment about it and also SHARE on Facebook!

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