She Did Her Last Dance With Fred Astaire Back In 1940, This Will Surely Surprise You!

Ever heard of Fred Astaire, the famously great dancer who used to make people drool at stages? Most probably, yes. Well, in case no one told you, Fred too had his match. Now that sounds intriguing!

There’s this cool movie, “Broadway Melody,” produced in 1940. In the movie, Fred had a dancing scene with one of the best female dancers of all time. You won’t believe what these two did. She’s just too good!

As you’ll agree, dancers will always want all the attention to be focused on them. Each one of them wants to shine, and that’s the mentality that led Eleanor Powell to find herself jobless. Turns out, Eleanor wasn’t getting hired because she couldn’t dance, but rather because she was too good at it. People feared that she would outshine them on the dance floor. Well, Fred had a taste of her competition, and he gave up!

In the video, the two dance so well that you just can’t stop staring. But Eleanor is stealing the show in some way. She’s so good at this!

In fact, after this one dance, Fred refused to ever work with her again. She was out-dancing him, and he didn’t like that. Check out the video and love it. You need to SHARE this with your Facebook friends!

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