She Got Surprised When She Saw Her Daughters Do Something With The Ipad, You Will Love It!

I don’t know if you have ever noticed that today’s kids operate electronic stuff like smartphones, iPads and others very easily. It is not a strange thing to see a kid of two years or less with his parent’s phone in his hands accessing with or playing games on it. In the clip below, you will be surprised to meet two little sisters doing wonders with an iPad.

Jordyn of five years together with Syd, her little sister of one year, decided to film themselves on the iPad of their mother. Amy Kaplan Johnson, their mother left a description on Facebook saying that she was performing some laundry work in another room when she heard her daughters listening to Silento’s song “Watch Me,” and she never had any hint that thy were filming themselves while dancing.

In the clip, you can see them making some moves and Jordyn can be heard telling her little sister to move a little bit so that her leg can be seen moving. When the mother saw the clip on her iPad, she knew that she had to post it on Facebook for others to see.

Silento has become very popular with his danceable music that he released. Watch the clip below to see these small sisters shake their bodies. Please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!


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