She Has No Arms, But She’ll Steal Your Heart With Her Piano Skills And Powerful Voice.. WOW!

Her mom rejected her. Her own biological mom abandoned her and left her for the dead, but this girl was meant to be a great star!

She may have been born with no arms, but Lorelai Mosnegutu isn’t the type to despair. Her adoptive mom saw to that!

Growing up, Lorelai was encouraged by her mom to train her feet. She would spend lots of time practicing writing. Has it paid off?

At just 14, Lorelai has already written a few books and is now a budding poetess that’ll surely make the world spin faster. In fact, that’s not the only thing this lady is good at. She can sing and work a piano like crazy!

This clip features a moment when Lorelai went into a singing competition on Romania’s Got Talent. She plays the piano with her feet while working her vocal cords to bring the house down with one heck of a musical performance. She’s already a star!

She even gets the Golden Buzzer from a judge. The crowd is all sold. She’s so overjoyed. I love this already.

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