She Heard Her Child Scream, Then Panicked Upon Looking At Her Hand. It’s Breathtaking!

It seems that there is always something that can hurt your kids everywhere they are. It can be at school, at home, in the playgrounds, and in the parks. You cannot be so sure that your kid is safe. If it’s not the shooting in the schools, it’s a gas leak at home, or a shooting in the streets. You can also worry about strangers in the park who might molest your child. What you do not realize is that even the ground they are playing on can pose a danger to your child. Such was the case for the unfortunate girl in the video below when something lying on the ground changed her life by causing her unbearable pain.

Nataly was at school when her daughter was bitten by a copper snake when she was out in the playground. The copper snake can kill an adult with just one bite. Luckily for Nataly, her daughter was airlifted to hospital and received immediate medical attention. Were it not for the fact that Nataly was at school at that time and managed to get her daughter to receive treatment as fast as possible, the story could have been different.

The hospital where she was treated receives 20 snake bite cases every year, and that is just one hospital. Please SHARE this video to create an awareness of the dangers posed by snakes in playgrounds.

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