She Invited People To Spend Time With Her, But When This Man Showed Up? My Heart- Melted!

Marina Abramovic who is an artist was performing “The Artist Is Present,” her piece. The performance was a live piece of art in which she could sit at one end and invite strangers to sit at the other end. The stranger had the freedom of sitting as long as he/she wished and many people showed up to share with the artist. For 7 hours in a day, he could sit at the same spot waiting for people.

There are those who could spend a few minutes and leave and there were those who could sit there for long. Ulay, Marina’s former lover decided to show up. Back in the 70’s, the two had performed an art couple and then they had never met for 30 years.

Immediately Ulay took the seat, some wave of emotion was seen on the air. They had spent 12 years loving each other and had done many great things to together. The last time they had met, each one of them had covered over 1000 miles from Great Wall of China’s opposite sides just to say goodbye to each other.

Love is something that never dies irrespective of how long the lovers are separated from each other – these two lovers have just shown that. My heart was shattered upon looking at Marina’s face.

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