She Is 104 Years Of Age, But What She Does With Her Art Skills… I’m Surprised!

Most of the old people like doing something when their retire age comes. Maybe it’s because choosing a perfect work for them is never easy, or it’s the way we judge them. But have you ever thought of what you would like to do when you turn old? Maybe your options are diverse, but I’m sure none of them involves handwork activities at your locality. In the video below, that was shot in Scotland, a woman aged 104 years makes use of her leisure time by adding a variety of colors in town places using her knitting needles and her skills.

Her name is Grace Brett, and is one of the members of a clandestine knitting group known as “Souter Stormers.”  This clan, has completely changed the majority of the public places into Yarrow, Selkirk, and Ettrickbridge, by their lovely art made of wool. To her and our opinion, her work makes the town look gorgeous.

The message that this video is trying to portray to us is that never look down on the old people. They surely know a lot better than you think.

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