She Is As Old As She Feels… What This Grandma Does? I’m Baffled!

In each and every family, there is always one member who is hard to predict. In some families like the one I come from, there is a number of them. But all in all, there is that time they make life more interesting than when we could not have had them.

This is a Russian family whereby the least expected party is carrying the day. Who expected this family’s wildcard could be a grandma? An old grandma is seen dancing with guys who are younger than her and have all it takes to be her grandchildren. 

Most of our grandmothers hate the high-energy demanding songs, but this one is completely different. Once the music starts playing, she immediately feels it and takes the stage and does the necessary! Where on earth could you have expected an elderly woman to dance as if nobody is watching her? She fully enjoys whatever she’s doing!

With this, we have more reason to provide our seniors with music like never before! It has what it takes to uplift their spirits and this video offers a perfect example.

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