She Is Bullied While At The Buffet For Being “Fat,” Watch How The Bystanders React!

So much criticism is normally directed towards heavy people – they are sure of getting rude remarks and stares even when they make a simple walk in the public.  As if that is not enough, people are encouraged to be thin by the media. Additionally, those who pose as beautiful stars in magazines, normally are women and men with a particular physical shape. It means that we are reminded from time to time of how we have to look.

The clip below originated from “What Would You Do?” – Which is a famous television segment. John Quiñones hosts the show and it emphasizes on the moral issues within the society. The clip features hired actors who are recorded by hidden cameras while they are out criticizing those who are fat and what they are eating.

Different people react differently when they are subjected to the ill-mannered comments. So when a certain girl noticed one poor girl being targeted, she decided and to intervene and rescue the situation. What could have you done if you had witnessed a similar happening? Will you have reacted the same way the girl did?

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