She Is Busy Selling Roses, And This Stranger Comes Up And Does This To Her… Awesome!

If you’re one of those humans so fixated on the notion that we no longer meet kind strangers, then here’s your chance to fight your way out of that misinformed mindset. Let’s start with this lady selling roses on a subway!

So this nice woman is given to selling some really attractive rose flowers on the subway.  If you’ve $1 and need a nice flower, this lady will pull out one for you. She loves what she does and likes it when people appreciate her. But what this stranger did to her is just too incredible to even explain in words.  It’s too “wow!”

As the lady goes on about her business, this guy comes along and asks her how much he should fork out for 15 roses.  Once the lady names the figure, what happens next is something that’s got almost too many people talking. And you just won’t believe what this stranger is going to do with those roses!

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