She Is Now A Heroine, Thanks To The Camera… Watch This!

Sports are great since they act as a uniting tool.

If you happen to love sports, then this clip is for you!

In the last couple of years, you must have heard about the “Kiss Cam.” The large device captures short clips from the audience. They select one couple that the audience expects to smooch in front of a camera. This is fun!

This tradition has passed from generation to generation and now all sports have embraced this practice. Today, sports are still using this tradition and couples are adding in different kissing styles. You need to watch this clip to see how this Philadelphia sports team uses its “Flex Cam” to capture couples when flexing. This has just led to funny moments.

The clip below shows a hilarious interaction between couples, where the man tries to show off how well he can flex. The woman is not impressed by whatever the man is trying to do. However, watch what happens when the Flex Cam shifts back to the couple. The woman demonstrates to the public why the man never impressed her – she has the most impressive muscles! Finally, the man now knows who the boss is.

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