She Let Her Kitten Do This While She Was Asleep. Now, Watch As She Goes For The Attack! WOW!

Who said cats and dogs are allergic to each other? There have been many instances where this ideology has been totally trashed. The reality is, cats and dogs can be friends. In fact, you’ll find it cute and interesting looking at these FRENEMIES make the most of their relationship.

Just watch this adorable and amusing clip of a pit bull— or rather a pit girl— wanting to take a nap and a kitten, who just won’t let her. This pit girl takes a nice shut eye when this fuzzy little fur ball decides to keep her up. Teasing the stoic faced dog and jumping on her from different directions, the kitten surely was having fun while the pit bull, well, was just stone-faced allowing the kitten to do so.

But a couple of seconds later, I guess, the dog has enough and takes the kitten down. How? With a motherly playful gesture. The dog decided to play along the kitten. Watching this video would make you have that amused fuzzy feeling inside and you just can’t help but watch such a short clip. The pit bull’s usual aggressive attitude takes it down more than a notch to play gentle with this rescued kitten. From a typically hostile breed of dog to a stoic-faced pet to that gentle playmate, that’s what this pit girl was all about with this adorable little kitten.

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