She Looks Up To See Someone She Last Saw 3 Years Ago. Watch The Reactions!

We love our troops. They’re members of our families who have gone out of their way to protect our society. They get deployed to far-away regions and we’re left to miss them. They miss us too, and that’s why we’ve been running into many clips of these troops surprising their loved ones when they finally get a chance to come home. Here’s one of those that’s been breaking the internet!

Elizabeth, John, and Shane Rader are siblings. Shane is in the army, and when he gets called in, his deployment takes 3 years in Italy. When he finally gets time to come home, he decides to “break in” in style.

John and Shane know how much Elizabeth misses her soldier brother, so they collude to have Shane throw a surprise on her. So one day, Elizabeth is sitting, watching TV. The dog barks, but she doesn’t think much of it. Someone walks in and stands towering over her. At first, she brushes it off thinking it’s her brother John. Now wait for that moment when she finally looks up and into his face. Wow!

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