She Loses A Good Friend And A Job, Then She Sees This… So Emotional!

Cheryl Levy purposed to take care of the elderly. She has over 30 years of experience in caretaking, and she puts other’s needs before her. However, life has not been very fair to Levy. She lost her mom, dad, and husband. Her daughter promised Cheryl that she would never set foot in a nursing home.  Her daughter would look after her, in the bid to emulate her kindness.

Years later, Cheryl experienced another personal loss. She lost her employer and best friend named Bunny. Bunny was two days away from celebrating her 89th birthday before she kicked the bucket.

Levy considered Bunny a mother-figure in her life. It also meant she had no job. However, Cheryl’s daughter offered her mother the love and support she needed. The Fox5 Squad had a surprise for the grieving woman. When Cheryl opened her door and found the camera crew outside, she almost fainted.

Watch the amazing footage and what goodies Fox5 Surprise Squad had in store. What did you think of the much-needed surprise?

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