She Never Thought Of It Until She Saw This On The Camera… What A Proposal!

It is not a secret to anyone that proposals are done at the appropriate time and in a proper manner. If you ask many of the married couples, they will surely tell you that their lovely period together was when they used to date and proposed to each other. In the clip below, you will be amazed of how this man got to propose to a woman he loved.

Residing in New South Wales, Tyne Owen planned well on how to propose to his girlfriend, Jamie Sheumack, to wed him during a Christmas photo taking session. In the photo session, the two love birds had sat at the first row and in the middle of nine other people who had T-shirts that were written “Merry Xmas” on them.

Without Jamie Sheumack suspecting anything, the letters “E” and “A” were interchanged for “X” and “S” to become “Marry Me.” One of the person opened his jacket to reveal a question mark, which accompanied the sentence. When all was arranged, Jamie Sheumack went to the camera and looked into it. What she saw made her speechless!

She could not hold the delight in her and went shouting with the face covered with her hands. To crown it all, Tyne stepped forward with a ring in the hand and asked that question that Jamie Sheumack saw in the camera(would you marry me?). She pronounced a definite yes as she gets her finger worn with the engagement ring.

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