She Overcame Her Stage Fright To Amaze Even Herself. A Must Watch!

Speaking to many people or even a group of people, who are staring at you, is one of the things that scare many people. The thought of being judged negatively by those listening compounds the problem further as there are few people who can take negative judgment or criticism in public. They feel extremely embarrassed because deep within them they believe they did their best. They take the criticism to mean they are personally not good enough. They therefore prefer not to engage in anything that could lead them to being publicly criticized.

That almost happened to Alice when she was invited to Britain’s Got Talent to audition. She was not sure whether she was going to please the judges or not. Worse still, she was afraid of singing and the whole crowd going silent with disappointment. These are reactions she would not want her family and friends to witlessness. She did not wish for the humiliation to be witnessed by the closest and important people in her life. That is why she kept the invitation to herself and went to the show alone. That is when the unimaginable happened for her. Watch the video to see her amaze herself and the judges.

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