She Quickly Opts For A Plan B When The Thanksgiving Turkey Falls Down. So Funny!

In the video below, you are guaranteed to get your fair share of laughter for the day especially during this holiday month. Apart from laughing, the story will be a provider of advice to us who are home chefs, of how we can proceed to do when our stuffed and uncooked turkey falls down.

The fact with these birds is that they are very slippery, heavy and one needs to be very careful when handling them since the thanksgiving ceremony won’t be complete without them being the main menu. The cool thing with the clip is that it creates awareness of how preparing a turkey for this occasion can be an achievement, as shown by this woman in the clip. The interesting part of the video is when you get to see the real person who feels the impact when the turkey falls down!

This is just to make you aware that even though this day is celebrated, people need to sweat themselves out in order to see it a success.

According to my opinion, The Jennie-O Turkey Store Oven Ready Turkey, really planned well in making this advert. It really made my day!

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